Hot Chocolate

Dear Hot Chocolate,

Thank you for existing in your warm, frothy, chocolate-y goodness.  You are already making my work morning less sucky.  I only wish you lasted longer.


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Dear Zoe,

You are the best dog ever.  Seriously.  You know that.  I know that.  Most of my friends and family know that.

And yet, every time you manage to snuggle up and look up at me just so, it reminds me all over again that you were sent here just for me.

Doesn’t matter the shitty week I’ve had.  Doesn’t matter that I left you at Mom’s house for a long weekend to go visit family (I desperately wanted to bring you, but you know how Daddy is).  Doesn’t matter that you have all these adorable cute puppies that want to crawl into my lap and lavish attention on me whenever they see me.

Did you ask them to do that?  Did you tell them that I need to feel enjoyed and desired; even by pets?  I like to think you did.  Your warbling trill of welcome when you see me across the room after a long absence says it all.

It is nothing but joy for you to see me.

Thank you for reminding me that I can be enjoyed.  That I can be company for someone.

I think instead of lying around on my ass tonight doing nothing, I’m going to take you for a long walk at the park.  How does that sound?


She prefers sleeping glued to my side.

She prefers sleeping glued to my side.

Like mother like son...

Like mother like son…

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Dear Army,

It was sweet of you to invite me to the shindig with your roommates at the local arcade.  Considering you’ve never invited me out in public before, I was touched.  I’m sorry I wasn’t feeling completely awesome enough to drive halfway across town.

But then you decided to come over instead.  That was even sweeter.  Thank you for spending hours telling me how beautiful I am and trying to convince me that my poor self-image is all in my head.  I know it won’t last, but I can at least enjoy feeling beautiful and wanted for a night.

Thank you for spending a good chunk of Mother’s Day with me.  And knowing that I don’t want to talk about it.  And discouraging servers and nearby tables from talking to us about it at the restaurant.  I know you never want to talk about or acknowledge the incident, but I appreciate that you understand it still haunts me.

Thank you for making me realize that yes, I am with the right man.  Despite the our moments, you are the only man who makes me feel pretty.


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Dear Mom,

Your text, though at a godawful early time (you know I work part-time and don’t get up until 9am, yet insist on texting me at 7 or 8.  Such a mom thing…) made me smile.  This was so very much needed after my dumb thoughts late last night.

You said: “I just found one of our planning calendars in the scratch paper bin that has your notes all over it.  I MISS YOU!! [Your current company] doesn’t know how lucky it is [to have you]!”

You always know when I’m having a stressful work week.  And you know that I hate being under appreciated.  Even though I think the only job I’ve ever had that didn’t under appreciate me was at your law firm.  I miss working there a lot.  I miss criminal law and DR law.  Doing property law is really only one step above contract law, boring-semantics-wise.

Anyway, I digress.

Thank for you for reminding me I can be appreciated.


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Dear Camilla,

I know the dinner you invited me out for on Monday was a belated birthday thing, but your timing was impeccable.  I needed that socialization desperately.

I’m sorry if I seemed so distant and was merely picking at my food.  I had some awful mental demons that day.  But you just doggedly engaged me in conversation.

And we had such a good laugh over dead baby jokes being a thing.  And that stale/reused coffee is definitely no where near funny; while dead baby jokes are a guilty pleasure.

I’m glad that you can hang out with me and I don’t have to force that 100% happy and social.  You get that. 

I just wish we could hang out more.


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Dear stranger by the credit union,

I know some people would find your flattery annoying, especially since technically you were asking for money for the bus.  But you are one of the most polite “panhandlers” I’ve ever dealt with (and that includes Chicago!).

And then you went out of your way to sweetly tell me I look beautiful today, even though I’d already told you I didn’t have any cash on me.  It was unnecessary, since you could have just ignored me and moved onto any of the handful of persons behind me.

Thank you for reminding me of the kindness of strangers.


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Dear Texas,

I cannot express enough how much I love how you know me.  You see a simple Facebook status saying I’m sad and you text me a funny message about Hump Day Dinner.  I can’t thank you enough for knowing that when I’m depressed, the important things are company and food.

And talking about Disney is an excellent follow up.  We both know Belle is better than Ariel by far.

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